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    Default Re: World Record Honey Crop

    Amen Mark.
    sigh...and I thought 175 pounds from one of my hives here in SE Missouri was cause for celebration... well, I'll celebrate anyway, as I've never had that happen before, even when in the midst of alfalfa fields in Kansas or Oklahoma.
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    Default Re: World Record Honey Crop

    I plan on beating that record soon. Just not exactly sure when. With all the crimson clover and wildflowers that I have planted....They ought to have the opportunity to make all a hive can possibly make...haha

    My best ever was with one hive that consistently produced 400lb per year for 5 years straight...meanest hive of bees I ever had...but they just could not get away from a flood.
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    Default Re: World Record Honey Crop

    What I fond interesting is that so many people get their hackles up over such a report. Why can't we simply take it as trivia and move on? "Oh, that's nice. Good for him."

    Whether someone has The Worlds Record of Honey Production matters very little to me personally. I don't know why it matters so much to others. Why do people seem to feel threatened by a 60 year old report?
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    Default Re: World Record Honey Crop

    Could you pinch the queen in half your hives and combine with queen right hives to near double your production per hive?


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