For context, I live in the historic townhouse community of Georgetown, in DC, and I have a flat roof upon which I have several hives. Yes, we have had a few swarms, but generally these hives are very well behaved and hard working.

Also for context, the laws about beekeeping here are rather vague and contradictory, leaving us urban beekeepers in a quandary, living in a gray area.

Now for the facts: A neighbor over a block away is claiming he is having an infestation of bees in/on his chimney, and he is blaming my bees. He indicated the infestations occurred within the last six week, with one most recently yesterday.

In my own experience in this climate, swarms are very rare this time of year.

So, beyond the usual "well prove that their my bees" arguments, as that is less relevant as he calls the health department on me, anybody have any additional experience in this area of human relations?