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    Default SHB in central Virginia 9/11/12

    HI all - I have discovered SHBs in my extracted frames in one of my two hives. It's early Septermber here in central Virginia. I have yet to check my other hive but will do Friday. What's the suggestions? What's the "latest & greatest" for ridding SHBs? They are munching away at the 100% wax foundations. ............Responses PLEASE! Thank you............Fred from VA

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    Default Re: SHB in central Virginia 9/11/12

    I don't think there is any ridding but there are things you can do to help the bees keep them in check.

    - Traps like Beetle Blaster
    - Reduce size of the hive to that which can be defended
    - Ground treatments
    - Place the hive in full sun
    - Freeze any frames that you find that have larvae
    - Reduce the size and number of entrances to the hive
    - Hive tool to squish, this gives me a warm feeling inside.

    I noticed one thing and would welcome others' observations. I noticed that the SHBs were hiding in the propolis between the frame and the side of the box, on the frame rest. It seemed if the frame was centered in the box, there was enough room for the SHBs to hide and lay eggs in the propolis. Most often I have seen this on the back side of the hive. I decided to try clean the frames and frame rests and jamb the frame to the back wall of the hive. This provides no room for the SHBs in the back and creates a large gap in the front that the bees can get at the beetles. Not sure this will make much difference, just attempting to remove the hiding places.

    Another thing. I noticed that the SHB like to hang out on the outside frame on the side closest to the wall. Which makes sense and it probably gets less attention in a hive that is not boiling with bees. I decided to rotate the outside two frames to get that side more attention. I can back a couple of days latter and examined the drop board and there was a pile of SHB larvae and debris that was cleaned out of that frame. Anyone experienced anything like this?
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    Default Re: SHB in central Virginia 9/11/12

    I see a few from time to time, I put apple cider vinegar with a little sugar and water in bottle around the hive area, seems to keep those little nasty boogers in check also help with wax moths, yellow jackets and those big ol bee eating SOB wasp. I love smacking those thangs to the ground and stomping the bajeebbus out of em, dang thangs
    But for the most part a strong hive will keep them in check, every time you see em, squish em, they look nice when squished

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    Default Re: SHB in central Virginia 9/11/12

    I don't know about your extracting process but if you leave full or wet supers without bees to protect them for any period of time here, shb will ruin them. I make it my policy to only remove supers that I can extract within 24 hours. Then I put them out immediately for the bees to clean.
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