I am a newbie who needs advice/critique of my actions thus far.

I have 2 hives. One really strong hive and the other much weaker. They both started off at the same pace but then about 4-5 weeks ago I noticed the second hive having problems.

I moved a frame of brood over from the stronger hive while waiting for a new queen I ordered. At this time I also noticed evidence of wax moths. I removed the wax moth larvae I saw on the bottom of the hive and webs-even removed one comb that was mildly affected (comb only-it had no honey stored) and closed the bees down to a tighter space by bringing the folllower board more to the front. 2 weeks ago I requeened after killing the first queen. Went in to check yesterday and could find no evidence of the new queen or new larva or brood.

Can I get a critique of what I have done or should do....since it is getting late in the season, I am not certain at this point whether to try and requeen again or just combine the weaker hive with the stronger hive for the winter. If the best thing to do is just combine the two hives, is the newspaper method the way to go (ie hole in a follower board and this hole covered with newspaper)? Any thoughts, advice, etc would be appreciated.