Hello all,
So recently,well within the past 2-months,I went through some tough times with my ladies. This was my first year as a beek and I guess I didn't quite "get it". I lost my queen to a swarm about 2-months ago and I left the queen rearing to the little gals. After about 3-weeks of no new signs of any new bees,I went ahead and ordered a new queen. I introduced her,left her for about a week and then came back to find that she was released but I found no actual signs of her. I now gave them another month to get all settled i,hoping that the queen was in there,but just playing hard to find. I finally decided to open 'em up again today and it wasn't the pretty picture that I was hoping for.
The numbers of the bees decreased dramatically. I had to go from 3-supers down to one just so they wouldn't have too much room. I finally found a frame of capped brood and some larvae. The capped cells were drone cells. I took a good look into the other cells and found multiple eggs in each cell. My hopes have been destroyed.
My question is now what do I do? Do I just allow this colony to die off and start over again next year?
What do I do with all of these frames of pollen and nectar? Should I save the frames of honey for them next year?
Is it too late to do a "shake off" and try to introduce another queen?
It's still pretty warm down here in Austin and I really don't know what else to do.
Please....ANY info or advice would be greatly appreciated.