Ok, I know Charlie puts his swarm traps rooftop, because he keeps bees rooftop.

Of my 2 spring vsh nucs, (now deep/medium hives) one swarmed about 2 weeks ago and went over to my neighbor's beeshelf, hung out overnight, we gave them a box, they covered it, but moved in after I put in the clump that contained the queen.

Yesterday, Just as I was about to cut down the crape myrtle, I noticed bees working it. Not. They were swarming, from my other vsh hive, and have maybe 2 or 3 cups of bees and the old queen I'm guessing. No pests in their hive, just a reproductive swarm, small one.

So I get a nuc with foundation only set up to drop them into, a ladder up and a bucket to collect, and they moved to the next tree over and started buzzing in it. I had my neighbor hand me up the nuc box, and my lemon grass oil and they went into the nuc sitting on top of my inexpensive greenhouse. Over a 2x4. They are still there this morning. I am going to put on a jar of feed, but I have to get these ladies down before our fall Texas weather hits in a couple of days, And before they get too heavy. This will amount to a 15 ft move horizontally, and about 8 feet down, into the apiary.

Do I put them in a deep with a queen excluder over the bottom board? Suggestions on keeping them during the move?