If it's not one thing it's another. My trap-out I have been working on for nearly a month appears to have failed in raising a queen from their cells I gave. She should have gotten mated and started laying about a day ago. I noticed multiple eggs in a large majority of the cells. This trap-out is about 12 feet up on a platform, and is JAMMED with bees. I really hate to take it down to shake it out. I do have a queen caged up and ready - I have her banked in the trap - hopefully they take care of her. It was too far to drive her back to my place and too late to put her in another hive.

I guess I will take it down and consider the trap done for now and deal with the Laying Workers. Pretty sure I have the large majority of the bees out of the hive, and if I seal it, the others will be sure to be history. May have to get them straightened out again and bring them back to the site to rob out the old.

Has anyone ever shook laying workers into a "shook swarm" (swarm box) and had good queen acceptance? I have shook them out and let them return to an empty hive body with a frame of brood and a new queen before, and that seemed to work - or to a queen-right hive (in place of the laying worker hive), but a fair bit of fighting ensued.

How does everyone else here deal with a trap-out gone laying worker?