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    Default First mead was started yesterday!!

    A friend and I started a mead yesterday and it is really an easy project other than hunting down the cider!! A big thanks goes out to Vance G for sharing a recipe with us, the mixture smelled very good and we are looking forward to maturity!!

    We went with 15 lbs of my honey and 4 gallons of apple cider with out preservitives, as well as adding dates, raisins and molasses and the yeast and other things that I forgot about, thank goodness my friend is a home brewer and knows what he is doing!! We are going to start an orange honey mead in a couple months, just need a really fruity recipe for that one now!!

    Thanks again Vance for your help!!

    Jason Calkins
    Coyote Creek Bees
    Coyote Creek Bees

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    Default Re: First mead was started yesterday!!

    No problem! I just picked seven gallons of pears! The world is full of fermentables! You are fortunate to have the Orange Blossom honey. I would love some for recipes I want to do.


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