I had a small swarm 1 lb. come out of my of my weaker hives last night. Caught them off the eve, had a full open entrance on the trap box and did not use any suger water spray. They bolted and landed in a cedar tree 12 feet up and 40 feet from the eve. I laddered up and cut the branch about 30 minutes before sunset and put them back in a box with the entrance reduced. They hung around the front cloaded up and just as the sun dropped behind the trees they settled into the trap box (med 10 frame wax foundations no pulled comb)for the night. I moved the box into the bee yard. 10 oclock this morning I went out to put a feeder on them and check on the hive that had given up the swarm. The swarm bailed out 4 feet up a small cedar tree and 40 feet across the street. I went back to the trap box and pulled frames from honey boxes on other hives. 30 minutes latter I went to cut the swarm out and they had moved. I looked for an hour but was unable to find them.

The hive that gave up the swarm looks thin on bees they have brood and some stores, I had been feeding them for the last month. No queen cells as of this morning and only a few drone cells. I put the last of my extra honey from last year as feed along with pollen and grease patty.

Any other suggestions?