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Thread: SHB in SE Ohio

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    Default SHB in SE Ohio

    Just saw my first SHB, ever. Here we go. Up to this point, I've been walking around with my fingers in my ears going"La,la,la,la,la". Guess I've got some learnin' to do.
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    I am in south central Massachusetts and have been beekeeping for four years now. I got them two years ago in a Nuc from the south (I am Sure) but they are still here. I usually only see them at extraction time. In fact I thought they were gone this year till I did a harvest. Only one here and there, no problem ...yet.

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    If I lived on Ohio and saw one (or a few) I wouldn't worry. If your hive is queenright and reasonably strong, they won't be a problem. And the few that might survive the winter will have such a short reproductive window that they shouldn't ever become anything more than an occasional nuisance....if that.
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    I had Joe Latshaw tell me last month he had seen a few on the northern edge of Columbus. I haven't seen any yet in Knox Co.

    I don't think they overwinter here most years.


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    I've spotted them a few times over the past couple of years. A good strong colony keeps them under control and they have not been a problem. A couple of years ago one of our club members pulled supers and let them sit in his garage for several days before extracting and they all got slimed. Keep strong colonies and extract supers right away and you won't have a problem.
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