I have threatened to do this for two years. I am soaking my cappings and will get them as free of honey as six gallons of water will get them. If the specific gravity is below 1.130, I will rinse sticky buckets until it is to that Original gravity and add a little honey if necessary to get it there. I will warm the water to about 100 degrees F and strain off the wax and when it cools to the seventies, pitch (add) a KIV-1116 starter I have revving up now. I will add a tsp of yeast nutrient and one of energizer. I will areate the devil out of it and put it in a dark spot of honor in my basement where it stays reliably about 68 degrees. I will areate it daily and when the SG Has dropped about .040 I will add another tsp of yeast nutrient and energizer. Tuesday we are leaving for ten days to babysit while my daughter and her husband go elk hunting with crooked things and sharp sticks. Upon my return, I will rack it onto about twenty pounds of peaches I have skinned, pitted and halved, in another brewing bucket and let that work for another ten days before racking it into a carboy for bulk aging. Doesn't that sound like a better plan than just throwing that sticky water away?