I took a couple of brood boxes from a Michael Palmer Queen descendant I bought from him in 2009 with the queen to a bee yard 5 miles away, very nice queens Michael! I went back 12 days later to get queen cells. I found several cells ripped open, some with the dead queen still inside, some empty. I thought that the other unmolested cells would have queens still alive in them. I looked for a virgin queen and found one looking into cells like a mated queen, she was not that big but easy to spot. I marked her but now my question is this. Can a queen sting a cell without ripping it open. I brought frames with queen cells home to distribute them into mini mating nucs. When I was cutting them out I opened the side of one and saw a nearly fully developed queen inside with no movement, she looked dead. The cells I put in the nucs the bees attached to the comb but now I am thinking that the queen I marked was MATED QUEEN and she killed what was live and left the others alone? What do you think? Thank you Jim Donovan