Noob beekeeper with a question on how to proceed:

I discovered about 6 weeks ago that I had lost my queen, and then had two failed attempts at getting them to requeen with frames of brood from a friend's hive.

All I could get at that point was a nuc...put it in but suspect it either had no queen (I now know to ASK to see the queen and have her marked when I buy a nuc...did not find her during transfer but put that down to my inexperience...seller is reputable, but stuff happens!) or she was rejected/killed by my hive. I newspapered the nuc onto my hive and left it for two weeks.

Returned to find a very small amount of youngish larvae, and no eggs anywhere at all. Gave them time to cap the larvae, turned out to be all drone brood.

I am thinking I have a laying worker/s...mercifully a bad laying worker (so little brood)!...and have located a queen for sale from a reputable supplier.

I realize that requeening a laying worker hive can be a tough sell. But I plan to shake out all the bees across the street in an empty lot, take the empty hive and frames back to their original location, give them a day or two and hang the queen cage inside, put on a hive top feeder, and hope in two or three days they will accept the new queen. We are supposed to get a few weeks more of good weather, so she has time to get set up before winter.

What do you think? Any advice and/or tips on how to proceed most welcome!