I am trying to be completely foundationless and putting foundationless between full brood frames in the broodnest has worked well for me. As yet I do not have very much SC drawn comb for the supers. This was an extremely hot dry summer here. (very unusual for here) My bees started out in early summer drawing comb and bringing in lots of nectar and pollen, but as it got drier and drier the comb drawing slowed down and very little comb got made. I do have a brook nearby and my bees make good use of it. I have no honey harvest because I need to leave it for the bees, that is ok. But some hives are still very light and may not have enough for the long winter here. So far no hard frosts. All are good strong hives with lots of bees and a good number of frames of brood in each. I will feed if I have to. I have never experienced such a short supply of honey.

My questions are: Should I have used my LC comb in the supers with a queen excluder?
Did I expect too much during such a hot dry summer?

Nova Scotia