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    Smile possable swarms in Canyonville, Oregon

    IMG_20120904_093217.jpgIMG_20120904_093343.jpgJust receaved an email about a couple of swarms in canyonville,Oregon not too far from me (about 30 miles)
    The post came in on tuesday morning.
    I have no experiance in catching swarms and would love to "assist" for one of them. I do have a 9-5 job so it might have to be on the weekend but time is of essence.
    for info please contact me at

    Spoke with owner, am having no luck finding a local "mentor" but if the bees are there (they have bears in the area) I will be saterday morning.
    Am I correct that this would be a simple process of reaching in "Yogi" style remove as much of the comb as I can put it in a box or super with most frames out. hope that most of the hive follows the comb if I can get the queen with it.. let the box sit there a while tell the majority of the bees arrive then close it up and relocate into a super at my home?

    Cutting the tree further with a chain saw is probably not a good idea. From Photos looks like honey bees and fairly easy access. Also sounds like two small hives..

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    Default Re: possable swarms in Canyonville, Oregon

    What you have here is a bee tree or an established hive, not a swarm. Looks like at least one of them is in a Madrone tree, thats some pretty hard wood. If you can just take the logs home and put a top on them that would be my first choice. You could hopefully catch any swarms that issue from these logs/bee gums in the spring. Or put a hive body on top of the log and wait for the bees to move up into your new home for them. If none of this is possible then do a cutout on the tree once you drop it and split it open with a sledge and some wedges.
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    Default Re: possable swarms in Canyonville, Oregon

    How did you do? If they'll let you, I would leave that first hive - in the madrone - alone and trap it out in the spring. The second pic looks like it's been busted open - might just salvage al you can?

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