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Thread: Washing Gloves

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    I should work it out. I've always just melted the beeswax and added a glob of vasoline... if it was too stiff, I melted it again and added a bit more. It's not that critical as straight vasoline will work. The beeswax just makes it last longer.
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    Beeswax is of course an ingredient in many high-end saddle leather conditioners. As I understand it, for longevity, treat all leather as you would your own face. If you wash with (saddle or whatever) soap, rinse thoroughly, condition. If leather is soaked, condition before it dries. Lots of saddle makers out there dislike ingredients like lanolin and neatsfoot oil, and think olive oil is for salads, but to each her own. Overconditioning can cause leather fibers to swell and separate, hence creating brittleness over time. Drying out also causes brittleness. For horse tack, I've had great results with products called Leather Therapy, including a leather wash for the washing machine, and their great conditioner that partially re-tans (putting fats back in the leather), one of the few products that also tackles mold spores.


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