Hey all,
So I've been wanting to get into a 20-gauge for dove, grouse etc. I'm a new shotgunner and want an intro-level, not too expensive gun for recreational clays and light hunting. After a fair bit of research online I was going to get a Stoeger Condor combo, which is an inexpensive over-under (with interchangeable barrels 12/20 is the combo bit) that has pretty good reviews overall. But when I went down to Bass Pro all the staff in the gun room and then in the hunting department firmly discouraged me from it and steered me towards semiautos. Talked themselves out of a sale, though I appreciated their candor.

Now I'm not necessarily opposed to a semi; the recoil moderation would be nice (though I shoot my 30-06 flinch-free and am not recoil-averse, yet , and shoot my 870 12-gauge OK), but my thought with the double is ease of cleaning and having different chokes for the first and second shot. Doubles don't seem to weigh much more than the semis. I don't really care about the whole "fine gun" thing; I'm looking for an entry-level field piece I can get a scratch on and not freak out, and I'll never be a thousand+ rounds a year shooter. I'd love to spend around $500 and a used gun would be fine, though I don't know enough about shotguns to evaluate one very accurately.

So what are y'all's thoughts: why am I getting pushed to the semis? Anyone recommend a shotgun that sounds like what I'm looking for? Anyone have/use a Stoeger Condor that can share a review? For the price, and for someone who just wants an entry-level gun, could they really be that disappointing for my purposes?