I am still a green horn in the bee bizzzzz but trying to learn fast and grow strong.I currently have 30 hives.I am sure my bees are about like most,some are doing much better than others and I am now doing a little hive swapping trying share numbers and increase my apiaries overall strenght.I have made a few attempts to graft and I am sure my biggest issues are time and planning.I currently work a 40 hour job/another 20 hours give or take a few with other income sources and spend the rest of the time working on bee related items building boxes ect.I am setting up a john harding rearing system that is supposed to be a good starter and finisher all in one,this will save me some with no need to move them from a starter to a finisher.I am wondering if there are any other mid state or farther south florida bee people in here that can tell me with our warmer/tropical type climate if I feed the bees are there any real limitations as far as months of the year I cannot graft and rear queens.I want to build an apiary yard of 50 plus breeder boxes all 10 frame deep split into 3 chambers,holding 3 frames each, as i graft more queens I can take frames from multiple 3 frame breeder chambers and introduce a queen and then replace the frames in the breeder box to give the bees and queen new work to keep them happy and out of swarm mode.I think 3 frame colonies cannot to too expensive to feed and I will allways have a good stock to work from and hopefully become the only bee breeder/selling atleast nuc's but hoping to support myself enough to only do bees and also sell queens on the west coast mid state.I am happy for any advice/knowledge anyone wishes to share with me.