First - I made some traps using the thin CD cases baited with a mixture of crisco, honey, wax, and boric acid. After 2 weeks NOT ONE beetle in them.

So where were the beetles? They were burrowed under and into the pollen patties, which were alive with larvae!! Ick yuck gag smash. I murdered every one, adults and wigglers, but I'm horrified that I may have been a beetle enabler this summer.

So - what's wrong with my traps? The boric acid I used was Roach Prufe (the only kind the hardware store had - are there others readily available?). I noted it was manufactured by a copper company, and the powder and resultant mixture are a pale mint green. Could the (apparent) copper content be repelling the beetles? Do they just Not Like my nice honey?

Anybody else note this nasty relationship with pollen patties? I took 'em off and won't replace until late fall or early spring.