Hi Guys, seeking your feedback / advice for a commercial wax melter.

Currently & embarrassingly using a 'crock' pot type device that melts about 2 litres at a time, I get to make a small number of poured candles at a time, but we need to increase, plus the crock pot doesn't clean the wax as much as i'd like, can't use solar melters. Whilst the cappings wax we purchase is in pellet form, there is still dust, dirt/grit and other particles in the wax that we want to clean out.

I've done some research and came across three brands that seem rather respected: Dadant, Maxant and Carl Fritz out of Germany.

Welcome advice about the right path we should take, as we live in Australia there is no real suppliers here and prior to committing to an order and paying costly shipping, I want to make sure that we're going to purchase the right machine for the purpose we need.


Bright Eyes