Finished trapout. The hive was in the block for several years. I found bees entering at the bottom of the first floor, and entering at the top of the 2nd floor. Who knows how big the actual hive was.

The 2nd super was because they filled it with honey so fast. The 3rd was when I brought over a queen from a tiny swarm I caught. This has been a bad year for queens, and this hive hadn't successfully raised a queen. You can just see the newspaper when I put the box on top and used the newspaper combine method. The bottom hive was queenless, so they weren't going to object too much2012-08-31 09.08.49.jpg2012-08-31 09.08.56.jpg.

I usually use a nuc box for trapouts, but this one was really big, and I knew when they robbed it, they'd need somewhere to put the honey.

I used tapcon screws for the metal supports, and then today used a "d" ring tie down with a pulley. It's above the hive. I strapped the hive, then got the pulley tight, then took off the metal supports and lowered it down by hand. I had some other tricks I could have used, but I'll let you buy my book and read them if I get around to writing it.

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