i'm gonna try to do a bit of grafting in a week or so... gonna make some queen cups the fbm way..

however... if i make the cups, and attach them to a bar, i'm sure i can cut them off the frame with a knife, but do the bees make the base of the cell broad enough so that it can be hung between to frames or do i need to have some kind of base? For some reason i thought of attaching a bunch of quarters on a frame and putting a cup on each, that way i could pop off the quarter and then it should be easy to hold a cell upside down and be broad enough not to slip into the space in-between.

but then i don't know if the cells would be too far apart. I have 'Queen rearing essentials" and there was a photo in it with 2 frames of cells.. one had them close together and one had them further apart,, and the book said the closer ones were the correct ones.

or am i doing it in a weird way?