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    Default Re: Number of hives in signiture line

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Ogborn View Post
    Boo! You mean I don't qualify for an index number? I'm not gonna run over a $40 smoker.
    Who would do that other than Pluta.
    looks like you are going to have to direct your complaints to the BITCC. Else go out and run over a smoker, this will increase your score as well as your perceived worth as a contributor to a wide range of beekeeping communities.
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    Default Re: Number of hives in signiture line

    What if I were only to step on a smoker? How about if I run over a corner of it and make it 0.5% useless?

    ((4x1) - 0)/0.005=800
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    Default Re: Number of hives in signiture line

    What if you run over someone elses smoker? Or someone elses beehive? What about dropping hives off of semis?
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    Default Re: Number of hives in signiture line

    Ok. I'll type this post again without the misspelling I had yesterday.
    Is there an 800 number I can call to register complaints with BITCC?
    I want to protest my unqualifiable index number.
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