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    Default Late intro from Kaysville, Utah

    I've been posting here for a little while now, but just realized that I never properly introduced myself.

    I'm a sort-of new beekeeper. My grandmother had a hive when I was young, and I've wanted to get back into beekeeping for many years, so this year I took the plunge. I got a hive together, but was too late to get any bees. Then the first week in July someone sold me what was essentially 5 frames of bees and a laying queen. They've done phenomenally well.

    It's been fun and challenging. There's a lot I remember. There's a lot I forgot. There's a lot I never knew. Varroa and SHB weren't an issue back then, for example. But it's something I want to stick with. I'm already getting a second hive together for next season!

    Hobbies? Wide and varied. I play the harmonica (diatonic and chromatic), ride a unicycle, read, paint gaming miniatures (but I don't play), I'm a licensed amateur radio operator, a WWII armored warfare buff, and a keen gardener. I love the outdoors, and would rather be in the mountains than around people. I love my wife, my kids, and my bees!
    Don't provoke a hive full of angry bees.

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    Default Re: Late intro from Kaysville, Utah

    Welcome S!


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