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    Default What are your overwintering plans?

    What special plans do you have to help ensure your TBH makes it through the winter?
    Insulating, feeding, wind breaks, mouse guards, treatments, etc.?

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    Default Re: What are your overwintering plans?

    First, I make sure they have plenty of food. If they don't have enough, I'll feed them from mid Sept to mid Oct.

    I have several (3-5) 7/8" holes drilled along the top edge of the follower and screened over. That lets air move out from the back end, as I have end entrances. In the entrance, which is along the bottom of the other end, I stuff 3/4 of the entrance with nylon scrub pad material, which lets air pass, but not gusts of wind. I have peaked roofs, so there's a little "attic" space above the top bars. I stuff this space with crumpled up burlap to create some insulation above the bars. Then I screw the covers down to hold all that burlap tight, and keep the lid from blowing off.

    That's it.



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