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    Default Too Late to add super?

    So just want to give a little background. I'm a first year beek. Started with just one hive this year. About a month after installing my package, the bucket feeder on top of my hive overheated and dripped syrup all over the inside and outside of the hive. Needless to say it made a mess and also killed a bunch of bees. Another fun side effect was the robbing that started. Being new and all, I didn't realize all the bees I saw all over my hive were not a good thing. When I clued in to what was happening I built an aggressive robber screen and changed how I was feeding.

    After a couple of weeks with the robber screen, all robbing had ceased but my hive was nearly void of any stores and the number of bees was way down. Luckily my queen survived and I continued with the robber screen and aggressive feeding. Before the robbing started I was almost ready to add my second deep but after everything was robbed out it seemed my remaining bees were having a hard time filling up what had been robbed. It took a couple of months for the first deep to be 80% or so full after the robbing and about then I added my second deep. That was a month ago. I've continued to feed and also still have on the robber screen (afraid to take it off).

    I did an inspection a few days ago and my bees have almost completely filled the second deep and there are bees everywhere. It seems like the population has exploded over the last couple of weeks. Bees cover every frame and at night there are tons of bees just inside the robber screen.

    A few weeks ago I had come to terms with the idea that I wouldn't be harvesting any honey this year and I really just wanted to prepare my hive for overwintering as best I could and hopefully get a good start for next year. Now it seems my hive is teaming with bees and they seem to be crowded. Obviously, if I add a super and try for a small honey harvest I would need to stop feeding. Is it too late in the year to add a super? What say ye?

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    Default Re: Too Late to add super?

    If the hive is that crowded you should have good protection from robbing. Remove the screen. Also, if they are teeming with bees and have good stores for winter and the right number of boxes for your area, stop feeding. I personally, would skip trying to get a honey harvest this year and just get the hive prepped for winter. That said, if you have a strong fall flow (check with your local club), then adding a super may be a good thing.
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