I have a minimal infestation of wax moths here in Vermont. I mean minimal, caught it just as it was getting started. Not used to them this far North in any great numbers but we have had very warm summer. All my outdoor hives (6) are very healthy and active but in two of them the moths managed to get eggs planted in a small space between the top cover and the inner cover and on the top bars of the upper most super or HB. I have taken all the larvae out that I could find (2-3 in each) and screened the upper ventilation so the moths cannot get in the top. There are a LOT of bees in each of these colonies and wall to wall brood. I did this a month ago and have not seen any larvae or signs of WM's since.

I then discovered that the only 2 deeps I have stored in my basement have WM worms in the combs that likely came in with the hive body (HB) when I emptied that colony and moved the HB's inside. I cut them all out individually (5-10) and am rechecking the stored foundation weekly. Found just one more last night.

I have done a lot of reading and there is a wide variety of opinions about prevention and cure. Prevention outdoors in the active hives is closing the top ventilation to prevent the moths from entering by screening upper entrance holes. On the top covers I glued popsicle sticks on the under side where it contacts the inner cover. this creates ventilation all the way around that adds up significantly but is not wide enough for moths to enter. Indoors I am watching and waiting in case more larvae hatch out, so far (one week) only one more I missed. There is no obvious way for the moths to enter the house. I have not had any wax moths in the past.

My questions are. How does what I did so far sound as a protocol?
And, what is your opinion is the best way to store the HB's in the basement with drawn comb in them to prevent infestation?
And, does it make sense to purchase some Bt to spray on the infected frames if I find more WM larvae? I have read that I need to use bacillus thruringiensis aizawai which I have not been able to find. I have only found Bt kurstaki (Thuricide).
Will that work or do I need to find Bt Aizawai? If so, does anyone know where I can get it?
One more: Is it safe to assume that the wax moths outdoors are gone for the year once the first frost or certain consistent temperature occurs?
Thanks for you help.