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    Default Ejecting drones: Trigger?

    Anybody know what triggers the hive to start ejecting drones? I had a couple of queens (3) not get mated and am trying it again. I have 6 QC that should emerge on September 1. I still have drones (even in my nucs). Is it day length, weather, frost? We donít get rain here for the summer and not much is blooming other than queens Annís lace and some dandelions. Even the clover seems dead for the year. Never tried it this late so I never paid attention before.
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    Default Re: Ejecting drones: Trigger?

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a first year beek.
    All my hives were droneless about a month ago and it all started with this current dearth we're are in. This year has been tough because of the lack of winter rain so after the toyon bloomed every last one was given the boot.


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