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Thread: How many hives?

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    Default How many hives?

    To keep bees treatment free, how many hives are required to be self sufficient over the long term?

    I realize that there are a huge number of variables here, but I would like to get feel for other's experiences.
    Adam - Zone 5A

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    Default Re: How many hives?

    I regularly recommend at least five. During my worst winter, I lost five of seven.

    My current sustainable level is based more on time and energy than survival. I have 27 right now but my goal is 20. The seven are there to assure 20 on the other end of winter. I've lost a couple this summer, and I lost one of 11 last winter, but that was mild. I'm also planning on merging a few going into winter for the first time to eliminate the necessity of feeding.

    Five at the very minimum.


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