I opened up an empty top bar hive I've had in someone's yard awaiting a swarm that never came this year. I've checked all the combs in it every few weeks to make sure there were no pests making the hive their home. Today I found an adult wax moth and four combs that each had a small cluster of cells with eggs in it. I also found 2 very young wax moth larvae walking around. I cut those four combs off the top bars and brought them home to melt down. I also flicked the adult moth out of the hive and screened the entrance. I carefully checked each comb and found eggs on only those four.

My question is, is there any way to prevent an infestation and destruction of this hive? It starved out last winter and is full of beautiful straight comb that would make a great home for another colony next spring. The hive is not easy to move and I'd like to keep it in its current spot. Our winters are long and very cold, so if I can keep it from being overrun until the first snow, I should be in the clear, right? I have never treated any of my hives with anything, and I'd like to keep it that way. Will screening the entrance be enough to keep moths out? There is no way even a bee could get into that hive right now. What do you suggest?