I am about to treat for Varroa and start to feed in preparation for winter. After that, I would like to have everything done, "on time."

So.....my hives will have a screened bottom board, 2 deeps, a wooden inner cover (with a 2 inch wide notch cut) and the telescoping cover. Is there anything else or any other way that I should stack in with this set-up for a Wisconsin winter. The hives are on cinder blocks.

Such as: placing a plastic board into the screened bottom board, a mouse guard, entrance reducer, a specific kind of inner cover, moisture control material of some sort, queen excluder???

I am considering using tar paper for wrapping???? When wrapping do I keep the inner cover notch uncovered as well as the front entrance and the open area in back by the screened bottom board?

As always, I know in the end it is up to me and my location, but I am just looking for different considerations. Thanks, juzzerbee