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    Cool removed honey super, but now too many bees?

    Hi this is my first year beekeeping and i was wondering about the issues with having too many bees in a 2 deep hive after shaking them off the honey frames?

    Has anyone had problems with them trying to swarm after this?

    should i split them?

    it starts to get colder here mid september and i left 1 medium honey super on the hives with some unfinished frames and uncapped honey. hoping for a fall flow ?

    any suggestions on what to do with the really strong hives?


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    Default Re: removed honey super, but now too many bees?

    Splitting now will be the kiss of death for half or perhaps all the bees in that hive. Unless you have another mated queen ready to lay the minute you split, you've waited too long. Take a look at any queen lifecyle chart and you will find that starting a queen now could result in a virgin queen emerging after the last drone is dead.

    At least here in this part of Maine, it is way to early to tuck the bees into bed for the winter, with the goldenrod and aster flow still coming in. The girls don't go to bed simply because I pulled honey supers off on some arbitrary date and declared the season over. Put an empty back on and let the bees keep doing bee stuff. You'll know when they are finished.

    I've only had one swarm in Septermber and that was a hive of Russians that I paid too much for from a guy in NY. With a completely empty bottom box, they swarmed the second week of September, a week after bringing them home. It had nothing to do with being crowded.



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