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    Default Screened bottom boards and hurricanes- do they mix?

    This is my first post on this forum. I am preparing to get back into (hobby) beekeeping this next spring after 35 year hiatus. My home is on the Mississippi gulf coast. As I read about all the pests that were not a problem the last time I kept bees, there is a lot of talk about screened bottom boards. I envision that the 140 mph winds would create quite a bit of turbulence within the hive that could damage things. What are your experiences with screened bottom boards in hurricanes?

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    Default Re: Screened bottom boards and hurricanes- do they mix?

    Get one that uses the plastic insert for Varroa counts and just put it in during evacuation timeline. Same issue in Houston. I went with the Country Rubes SBB, but Brushy Mountain also do that. Not sure on others, just search for IPM on the vendor sites. IPM (Integrated Pest Management).
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    Default Re: Screened bottom boards and hurricanes- do they mix?

    I just slip in a 1/2" piece of plywood to prevent drafts on really windy days. You could screw in a piece of ply temporarily to secure it during a hurricane or board it up in the front depending on the type of hive stand you have.


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