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    Default Re: My digital hive weight logging project

    Quote Originally Posted by domihue View Post
    a system to record voice descriptions of checking an hive (as with headphones & mic) thar can be downloaded on a computer and shown on a table or spreadsheet
    I use a simple voice recorder (a smartphone could work for the recorder portion) and then pump it into the computer to be converted by Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Dragon is a relatively cheap voice recognition software that does a remarkable job. If you remember to throw in some navigation commands, then it works even better on playback into the computer. It all works very well.

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    Default Re: My digital hive weight logging project Your source for the Varrox Mite Killing
    OA Vaporizer "One of the highest ranked" by R. Oliver

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    Default Re: My digital hive weight logging project

    How is this project going? I have a theory I am working on based on hive density and honey storage, I would be interested in buying or funding a couple of units that could do weight and number of flights type checks Daily. Not my area of expertise. I have 4 scale hives now, but the old time units with weights, and they sure don't count bee flights. It would be really cool if you could do something on all the hives on a 4 way pallet.

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