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    Default Re: Varroa mites! Now what?

    Here's the Crowder article I was looking for:

    "Next he blew in
    creosote smoke. On the vegetable
    soaked paper, he
    counted about 300 dead
    mites. Almost crying tears of
    joy, the Crowders recognized
    they had a silver bullet to the
    mite problem and that their
    farm would survive. Since
    this initial experiment, they
    have used creosote bush on a
    consistent basis to keep mites
    at bay. They have also found
    that juniper bark and leaves
    when burned are an even
    more effective solution on

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    Default Re: Varroa mites! Now what?

    'use of a smoker' , not a treatment under 'unique forum rules'. of course, the 'rules' don't specify what goes in the smoker.

    something like this prior to the shakeout proposed above might be good though.
    journaling the growth of a treatment free apiary started in 2010. 20+/- hives

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