Started July 9, Basic Medium Sweet Mead, no heat method from "The Compleat Meadmaker": 15 lbs honey, 5 t. Carlson yeast nutrient, 2-1/2 t. Carlson energizer, and 2 pkts. Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast, water to make 5 gal..

I added a crushed vitamin B tablet (according to the book, Morse and Steinkraus came up with 2 formulas for additives to enhance fermentation that consistently resulted in mead that completed fermenting in two weeks. My Carlsons seemed to be missing the B vitamins they recommended.)

Starting SG 1.112. Aerated it on the 2nd day and it foamed up hugely and smelled very yeasty/beery. The air lock has never bubbled. Possibly didn't have airtight lid as I used the screw on type on a 6 gal. bucket with an airlock. Or maybe I aerated all the CO2 out at the beginning?

Opened it a couple times over the past 6 weeks and each time smelled very strongly "beery". Today I tasted it and the "beeriness" is almost gone. It is still a bit sweeter than I'd like and definitely has some alcohol, but doesn't taste bad at all. My hydrometer measured 1.027. I racked it into a 5 gal. carboy and added 1 tsp. nutrient and 1/2 tsp. energizer to see if I can get it to ferment a bit further. Should I pitch some more yeast or is it working normally? Without getting bubbles, I don't know how to know if it's finished or possibly stuck. Did I keep releasing the CO2 when I opened it to check it, so it never built up to bubble? Any suggestions would be welcome.