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    I'm thinking of using fume to get bees off of comb when I harvest...I have 2 hives...should I have one for each hive? how long will it take to work before I can get the frames out? I use short supers on top..any good article on using it last year I just used my bee brush to get them off..and boy..did they get mad


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    it works in about 5-6 minutes. painting the top black helps too. sunlight and warm temperatures activate the fume better. Yeah I learned the hard way that brushing makes them amd. I'll always use a fume board now. Good Luck.

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    If you are science-minded person, consider getting a computer cooling fan from Radio Shack and wiring a battery pack to it. Cut out a hole for the fan in the fume board, and it will really speed up the process. Probably not worth doing for 2 hives, but many more and I would definitely consider it. That being said, we use a blower.
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