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    Default embarassing lesson learned,,,,

    for some strange reason, about a week ago I put a frame in the back of my truck that had a little wax moth on it,, but I did not see it at that time,,

    I forgot about the frame until this morning,, when I went out to the truck and had about 50 bees flying in and out,, for some reason they were focusing on that frame,,

    I saw one larvae on a bee suit,, and that drove me to check the rest of the suits,,

    I had larvae on most of them,, and you know how they eat away the wood,, well they do the same to cotton,, so I am washing all my suits and patching them tonight and tomorrow,,,

    NEVER put a frame inside your truck unless you are SURE it is clean

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    Default Re: embarassing lesson learned,,,,

    Whoda thunk!
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