I have a vision, now I need to see if people think it's feasible.

Here's how I came about to this point. I was thinking about building an observation hive, sometime in the distant future, to go in a store that doesn't exist yet. While I do like the frame ob hives, I thought, "Wouldn't it be a great showpiece to have a large, natural hive." We've all seen the pics of 5' hanging combs in neat stacks in open, feral colonies. Some of them being so large that they must have been thriving there for years. My idea is to get that type structure under glass.

Hence, I come to this forum. I'm hoping that a TBH type set-up would work to get them started, Essentially building a large (24-30" square or rectangular,) glass walled box, from counter-height to ceiling, with starter strips on the top end.

Any thoughts on where this can all go horribly wrong? I'm going to need to rely on the girls building lots of comb straight down. The whole thing will need to be accessible and removable, of course. As I'm a mechanical designer by trade, I always have ACAD running and I usually doodle designs of things, so before I started playing with creating a design layout, I thought I'd get some input.