In inspecting my hives yesterday I found an issue I now need to reslove. It seems that after extracting August 1st I put a parcial box of frames back on one of my hives (thought it was a full 8, only had 3 ). It is the top box, of 5 mediums, and when I went back into the hive there is now wild comb all over the place from the inner cover down. My first thought was cut it out and rubber band it into some empty frames, but then I found brood in some of it (above 2 full boxes of honey, so much for queens not passing above the honey). I don't want to risk killing the queen this late in the season, but I also want to clean up the mess of comb the bees made (with my negligent assistance). That being sad, the comb sure is pretty, huge hanging pieces of 100% foundationless beauty, some following the frame orientation and some perpendicular.

What is the best way to clean this up?
Should I try some "Bee Go" type product to drive them down off the comb before pulling it?