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    Default Do I need a finisher hive?

    I am getting ready to graft using the cell punch method this weekend. I made a cell starter nuc tonight by boosting the nuc in the air on legs with a 1/8th inch hardware cloth wrap inside the legs. I sat in the class at Wooster this year for queen rearing, and now I am going off of memory. After grafting, they put the frame in a 24 hour starter and then moved the frame of started queen cells to a finisher. I had planned on doing this, but tonight I have read twice where guys have just left them in the starter nuc for the whole duration of cell growth. My question is, do I really need a seperate finisher and why are there 2 seperate hives? The starter and finisher. Now I am thinking of leaving them in the starter nuc, and move the individual ripe cells to queenless nucs about 2 days out from hatching. Am I on the right track? Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: Do I need a finisher hive?

    I have been using a packed 5frame nuc for starting and finishing. They have built some good looking cells for me that way.


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