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    Default 1st yr hive don't seem to be storing much

    I setup 2 hives and 2 nucs. Both nucs I think have been robbed by the hives.

    I opened the hives yesterday and Hive A was barely off the 5 frames they started on and they didn't seem to have huge reserves either. I moved the 5 starter frames into the middle not disturbing their order. I figured when it gets cold they won't be up against the side they had been near.

    Hive B has some honey on the 2nd level but only on a quarter of one frame.

    Should I start feeding them sugar and/or pollen patties???

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    Default Re: 1st yr hive don't seem to be storing much

    I would keep sugar syrup on them and maybe throw on a pollen sub patty. When in doubt, feed.

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    Default Re: 1st yr hive don't seem to be storing much

    put a patty in and 2 parts sugar to 1 part water , and narrow the entrance to half inch ,, keep feeding til they ether stop taking or to cold ,, when you put them to bed for winter ,,, then put a bee candy bar on top of the frames and a patty ,, make a spacer with 1 by 2 ( furring strip ) get some bur lap or cotton cloth , stretch it a cross the spacer, use a ( 4 ) paint mix sticks nailed or stapled to hold it tight ,, put that over the candy bar ,, the girls will be able to get to the candy in the spring ,, now put a box on the spacer fill the box with the ceder chips that they put in mouse , and rat cages ,, now the inner cover they the outer cover ,, they are now ready for winter ,, the chips help keep the
    hive dry ,,,, see if they build up if not ,, think about joining the two ,, one good one may make it til spring were 2 weak ones will die off before,,,
    in the spring take the candy bar and make syurp to feed ..
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