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    Default Have I got a swarm on the way???

    Hi all,

    Swarm season where I am runs from September - December. After reading McCartney Taylor's excellent book Swarm Traps and Bait Hives I decided to put out some traps in my backyard.

    This morning, I noticed about 10-15 bees hanging around the entrance and on the landing board. I've kept an eye on them over the day and bees have been coming and going but definitely not bringing any pollen, so I can only guess they are scout bees. There has been some fighting but the hive is empty, so it definitely can't be robbing. The bees seem to be "strutting" along the landing board with their wings raised but I haven't seen any Nasanov fanning.

    Could this be some scout bees protecting a potential new site?

    Any other ideas?

    If I were to check the hive after dark, would the presence/absence of bees tell me anything?

    If it is scout bees, any ideas how long it will take the swarm to move in? I expected it this afternoon but got nothing so would guess tomorrow???

    Thanks for the help.
    Paul - Wollongong, NSW, Australia
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    Default Re: Have I got a swarm on the way???

    Scout bees checking things out. Leave it be and one day you will find a swarm has moved in.
    Don't over think it by any means.


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