I placed bee escapes on two of my hives to take honey. I had planned on taking the supers the next afternoon but we had rain and storms for the next two days. So on day three I took my supers off and noticed a couple of hive beetles but really did not think anything about just seeing 2 beetles. I assumed it was due to the bees not being there to keep them run out. I extracted my honey that afternoon, but did not get my supers put back on the hives for another two days due to rain and storms again. When I went to get the supers to put back on the hives I noticed a few larva on the comb which I am sure are hive beetle larva. I have 8 strong hives and have never seen a hive beetle before this.
My question is what about my honey? Is it OK. I have read that honey with hive beetles could be contaminated and should not be used for human consumption. Honey smells fine, and I saw no comb damage when uncapping.