I am a first year beek. I have two 5' handmade KTB hives and two warre hives. I installed two 4# pkgs in the two KTB hives and installed two nuc's in the warre hives. All are doing great. I was lucky enough to get my first swarm in early June. Since i wasn't prepared for the swarm i installed it in the other end of one of my KTB hives thinking at some point I would just do a combine. They are both doing so well that i am running out of room. The swarm side is about to fill it's 17th bar. the pkg side is on it's 20th bar. I only have 3 empty bars left. Should i hurry and make a new hive and tranfer the swarm side into it. Or can i remove some bars of honey and somehow store them to go back in this winter. I am in southwest Montana and don't know what i will need for feed to get through the winter. They are building a new bar every 5 days so time is short. Despite the drought the flow right now is great.