So I tried the cloake board for the first time. Grafted my very first 12 cells and had only 3 accepted. OK for the first time I guess. Once capped I removed the board and made the hive queenrite again. I also put cell protectors on them, thinking it would help especially if the hive knew they had a queen again. I waited until today, which was one day before the new queens should have emerged. My plan was to put each cell into a new nuc and allow the queen to emerge, mate and begin laying, then requeen with her. When I went out today all of the cells were gone completely, even through the cell protectors! What happened?? Part of me thinks I should have not put the protectors on and maybe that is what made them tear down the cells. Although I thought the protectors would "protect" the cells. Another part of me says I needed to move those cells to a nuc when they were capped and not let them "ripen" in that hive....any knowledge you folks can pass along would be great.