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    Default Horizontal Queen Cells

    Has anyone ever seen queen cells on the top of the frames like drone cells.
    We had 4 cells in one hive today. There were normal cells on the face of
    the frames like you would expect. The cells on the top of the frames were
    good sized and completely horizontal. Each cell was capped with a larvae in
    it. All of the cells had 1/3-1/2 of there volume filled with royal jelly.
    The cells were oriented length ways on the frames. Unfortunately I did not
    have a camera.

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    Default Re: Horizontal Queen Cells

    I had two cells earlier this year that were grown right on the edge of the comb, They were not perfectly horizontal, maybe 15 degrees off horizontal.
    I assumed my hive used the limited resources it had when they requeened. It was probably the most viable of the eggs/larvae available.


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