I am totally new to Beekeeping! I always wanted to get involved, but never really got past reading a few books. In early July, a friend from work started talking about how he was going to make some mead from his hive. After some more discussion, I found out he had been keeping bees for about 3 years. More discussion lead to finding out he had a nuc hive he was willing to give me try out. I quickly purchased a few books, read them, and then viewed about 100 hours worth of material on the internet. He delivered the nuc box the last week in July. I spent the first few days watching them and looking inside the box to see all the activity. The first thing that amazed me was how "docile" they were.

On August 1st, I finally moved my nuc of bees into their permanent home. While I was busy with some work, my wife picked up the hive at the local dealer. Little did I know instead of picking up a complete hive, she had to pick up about 150 pieces of wood, wax, etc. Being the ever diligent wife she is, I arrived home to find a fully assembled and painted hive.

Even though I had worked with the bees without any protective clothing, my fear got the better of me for the move. I just wasn't too certain I wanted to be moving frames full of bees into a new hive without a little bit of cloth between me and the little stingers. Problem was, I never purchased any beekeeping clothing. A look through the closet turned up a pair of long cuff shooting gloves, a bug head net out of my camping equipment, and a couple elastic bands for securing around my wrists and ankles. I also put on a pair of heavy thermal underwear under my pants and dress shirt. Too bad my wife didn't get any full pictures of me, because I am sure I looked very stylish in this makeshift beekeeper suit. On a 95 degree day I quickly had doubts about wearing long underwear under full pants and a long sleeve shirt, but at least I didn't get stung. :-)

Moving the frames over was very easy, thanks in part to the books I read and the Youtube videos I watched. I made certain I found the queen, looked for new eggs, and inspected each frame. Everything appeared in order, although at this stage in my beekeeping experience I have no real idea how it was supposed to look.

The bees have been in their new home for about 2 weeks now, and when I go sit at the entrance I see a large amount of activity. We have also noticed a huge upswing in activity around the garden and the flowers near the hive. Soon I will buy the next super and install it.

I have stated blogging about my experience so far, and have really been enjoing it. I am always open to any comments or advise!

John Grounds