So I had my first extraction of the year today. Went really well. I was not expecting a harvest; first year package bees, but the girls did me proud.

Afterwards I decided "Hey, let me share some of this reward with my ladies.". I brought my extractor and basket out to the yard and set it up a distance away. "Let's see if my ladies can clean them up for me. I will be back in a little while to check on you gals.".

I came back an hour later. Carnage! Bees stuck everywhere. Writhing in bee pain. Stuck in their own creation, drunk most likely. Over my own inner screams I could hear them calling to me "why, why would you do this to us.". My daughter standing next to me looked up at me and said "Daddy you killed the bees". My heart sunk and I proceeded to save as many as I could, placing them gingerly in front of the few hives I have at my house, and allowing their sisters to clean them. All in all I lost a couple dozen. My futile attempts saved 6.

I learned today that beekeeping is life and death. You hold the lives of so many in your power.

Later I had some toast and tea with a little honey. It made me feel better. Hopefully tonight will be free of nightmares.