These are swarms that moved in this spring. My wife and I have seen this several times and always between 6-7pm and it only lasts for about 30 min. There's about 8 frames between brood, pollen, honey and nectar. I was planning on letting them swarm into the yellow nucs you see. I checked them soon after seeing it for myself and found that the nuc on the top had a small bunch of bees and a laying worker (several eggs in one cell) and honey. At that time I closed down the entrances of all the hives and figured I'd put it in gods hands now.

I've seen robbing before at one of my outside apiaries when I left wet honey suppers out. There were tons of bees falling like softballs off the upper corners of the lid but these guys are in town and it only last for a short while were as the other times it was from sun up to sun down.

I used the bottom bars off a couple bad frames and reduced the entrance down to a 1'' or so and there's a 1'' hole drilled into the upper side of the hive body. In the morning it'll be business as usual but I worry about the heat were having, it's around 95+

Thank you for your time and opinion.